Rants of a madman » Web Based FallOut 3 Computer Terminal Hack

OMG im such a nerd. I cant sit down and enjoy a game, without ending up programming something related to it.

The latest thing i couldnt leave alone, was the Computer Terminals in FallOut 3. After understanding the logic behind it, i had to code a script that would calculate the correct word to enter.


After telling my collegues about it, they asked if i could make it webbased and i said yes.

3 weeks of not keeping my promise, here it finally is :)..


  - Dan


  1. CKLUDA Said,

    I have to say i wouldn’t have thought of doing this but now that it has become apparent to me that this can be done on the internet, i do understand how it works, to a degree. You are a Fucking legend.

    All the best,

  2. gizmo Said,

    dude thanks a fuckin lot man you rock!!!!

    add me on im sometime kon-bleach@hotmail.co.uk

    your really useful XD

  3. Peter Said,

    Exellent work! Nice to see a contributor and a person of your caliber in the sea of apathy and leachers on the internet

  4. wildride Said,

    Good work, will save on paper, pencils and erasers. Though in all honesty I want a mod to remove the mini game, Ive not failed hacking once in 2 play throughs so its a bit redundant.

    Now if only alt-tab didnt cause the game to be unstable

  5. GillianIvy Said,

    Friggin’ brilliant, thanks. It’s kinda disheartening how many failed attempts I’d have on “easy” ones. Though, I never thought, oh yeah, pen and paper…

  6. TXX Said,

    Yo Dan no CCC this year? Enjoyed your post’s from last year.

  7. Dan Said,

    Thanks everybody for your nice comments. :)

    TXX: CCC is only once every 4th year unfortunately. But there will be “Hacking At Random” in Holland this august, which is a very similar event. And i definitely plan on going and ill bring my camera :).

  8. Chuk Said,

    Alt-tab is okay if you play it windowed.

  9. Joe Dirt Said,

    dude nice job, though a little more effort couldve been done on the designing. du think u could make something up that people could download by themselves based offa a rpg site i found a couple of months ago? the url for it is: http://terminal-srpa.net/
    let me kno what you think and u can email me at: cdenton95@hotmail.com

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